Our Mission Statement:  Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless (MESH) is a local, faith-based organization dedicated to engaging the Montclair community to provide basic and essential services to Montclair’s most vulnerable homeless adults.

MESH Gardens to MESH Cafe Tables Harvesting

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Gardens to Tables Program

1. Bloomfield College students spent time volunteering in our garden under the watchful eye of our staff gardener Hesline Bonny.
2. This barrel of mixed greens (kale and collards) picked from our garden are soaked, chopped, frozen and bagged for a fall steamed Café meal.
3. Our August tomato and greens bounty for the Fall Cafés.
4. These tomatoes are blanched and frozen for MESH Café pasta sauce dinners in the fall.

The home of our gardens is at 9 Miller Street. We have five raised beds. We cleared three beds and planted tomatoes, peppers, spinach, eggplants, and peas. Thank you Nancy Taini and St. Peter Claver volunteers for leading the way.

They're growing - string beans left and lettuce right.

Our Goal:
  • Growing healthy foods to provide at our six evening Cafés per week.
  • Serving persons experiencing food insecurity with nutritious meals.
  • Giving persons experiencing homelessness job training in the sustainable food systems industry.

For more information or to volunteer, please call: 862 621-9488 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Above: "Issa" one of our MESH Cafe regulars and garden volunteer is pictured here participating in our training program sponsored by Duke Farms in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Duke Farms is a model for environmental stewardship and educating the public to become stewards of the land. Issa along with another guest regular and garden volunteer will attend two training sessions to help them to visualize employment in the healthy living systems field or a related area. Both volunteers will receive certificates upon completion of their training and engage in two job shadowing opportunities.


Our New Home

Volunteer Nancy Taini